Warning:   This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
No.2 - Rosso Hiera - REDBULL + ICE WINE
No.2 - Rosso Hiera - REDBULL + ICE WINE
No.2 - Rosso Hiera - REDBULL + ICE WINE

    No.2 - Rosso Hiera - REDBULL + ICE WINE

    • Product Type: SWTCH
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    SWTCH Pro Duo is a disposable E-Cigarette that contains two flavors in one device that can be used interchangeably. Each device contains a total of 1600 puffs; 800 puffs per flavor. Users can change flavors via the switch located at the bottom.

    • 5% nicotine made with salt nicotine e-liquid
    • 6mL e-liquid per device
    • 1600 puffs each device, 800 puffs for each flavor

    Package Contents:

    • 1 SWTCH PRO DUO Disposable E-cigarette

    If you enjoy a nice glass of wine to unwind the evening with, our Ice Grape will provide the same pleasant experience in rich puffs. If you are tired and want to boost your energy, our powerful Red Bull will make you instantly energetic and full of vitality.

    We follow strict quality control guidelines when creating our pods to ensure you get a fine, smooth, and flavourful drag every single time. Utilizing a proprietary blend of ingredients, we can ensure your vaping experience will be greatly enriched with insane notes of sweet red wine and energetic red bull.

    Making the switch from cigarettes to vaping is easy when you have a flavourful option like this powerful duo!


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